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Quick Facts:

AR program begins on September 8th, 2015

Mid-year party is on December 8th, 2015
Points student must earn by December 3rd to be invited:

1st grade – 6 points
2nd grade – 9 points
3rd grade – 12 points
4th and 5th grades – 15 points

Quizzes can only be taken at school during school hours.
The 1st – 5th grade students at Howard Drive Elementary participate in the Accelerated Reader Program. AR is a wonderful reading incentive program in which students read AR books, take computerized comprehension quizzes and earn points for every quiz successfully completed. All books that are available for quizzes can be found at AR BookFinder. Howard Drive uses Renaissance Place, a web-based version of AR, so students can take AR quizzes only at school during school hours. Parents can view their children’s progress online at Rennaissance Home Connect. The User Name and Password that your child uses at school will work with Rennaissance Home Connect as well. Rennaissance Home Connect provides parents with a snapshot of their child’s reading progress, including quiz averages, number of points earned, and results on individual quizzes. Also, Home Connect provides parents with the option to receive emails with the results of each AR quiz their child takes. The accumulation of points earned from quizzes will move the students to the different colors of our Reading Rainbow.

AR Chart


The following are some of the incentives provided by our wonderful PTA:

  • As students complete each color of the Reading Rainbow, they will receive coupons to be redeemed for prizes at the school store. Each time a student completes the colors of the rainbow they move to the next level. Each level of the rainbow brings different prizes.
  • Students are acknowledged on morning announcements after completing each level of the rainbow.
  • Students who complete the first level of the rainbow (7 colors) will receive a certificate at their awards ceremony at the end of the year.
  • Students who have reached the required number of points (6, 9, 12 or 15 points according to their grade) by end of day Thursday, December 3rd, will be invited to AR’s mid-year party held on Tuesday, December 8th.

Teachers will provide students with their reading levels. Students are strongly encouraged to read at or above their reading levels. Although students may read any book of their choice, they will not be able to take AR quizzes on books below their reading level. Please encourage your children to challenge themselves by reading on or above their reading level.

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Need Help?

Arlene Young – Media Specialist / AR Co-Sponsor

Ismary Garcia – AR Co-Sponsor


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