Math Superstars


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Quick Facts:

Math Superstars begins on Wednesday, October 1st
The first worksheet is handed out on Oct. 1st and is due on Oct. 8th



Math Superstars is a program designed to enhance and enrich your child’s journey through Mathematics! Your child will be taking the first step in becoming an independent learner who is willing to address many types of problems.

On each Wednesday, a “Superstar” worksheet will be distributed in your child’s homeroom class and will be due the following Wednesday. Each problem on the worksheet is ranked according to its level of difficulty. As the number of stars increase, so does the level of difficulty and the earned stars to be awarded. For every goal level the student reaches they will receive a colored Dog Tag to display or wear proudly. The more levels they reach the more Dog Tags they can collect.


AR Chart


The parent’s role in Math Superstars is to encourage and facilitate problem solving. Feel free to offer guidance toward certain strategies and to read the problems to your child, but please do not give them the answers. In order for this program to be effective, the students must work independently. The thinking must be their own! It is normal for a student not to be able to complete every problem on every worksheet. The process of interpreting, understanding, and trying different strategies is valuable in the attainment of mathematical skills.

Students that reach the gold level will be invited to a special celebration at the end of the school year and will compete at their grade level for the title of “TOP DOG“!

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Need Help?

Migdelys Fernandez – Math Superstars Co-Sponsor

Ismary Garcia – Math Superstars Co-Sponsor



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